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Thanks all, guess I’ll proceed. Didn’t seem to be too expensive in this neck of the woods……………..$12.00 a liter, cheaper than Amazon…………

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After we completely restored our BN2, it sat for several years while my dad dealt with some health problems.  When I started driving it again we found the brake fluid--IIRC it was Castrol DoT 4--had gelled, rendering the brakes all but inoperable.  Don't recall how we cleaned-out the system, but I put Pentosin DoT 4 in and we've had no problems since (I believe it was close to 10 years ago).  The car still sits for long periods, but has had no brake issues.
I haven't thoroughly researched it, but I think manufacturers calling any brake fluid 'synthetic' is a marketing ploy, as it's been a glycol--not a 'natural' substance--for many decades.  I think Pentosin is recommended for BMWs and other German cars (I put some Pentosin power steering fluid in my GF's old VW).  IIRC it's pretty expensive, but appears to be worth it.

On 6/13/2018 5:56 AM, Warren wrote:
I’m about to do my bi-annual brake fluid replace. Been using Lucas synthetic dot 4 with no problems over the years as Castrol became extinct at my local Auto Zone. Now the dot 4 Lucas brand was not available in dot 4, ok for dot 3, so I chose a brand called Pentosin Super Dot 4. Anyone use this stuff? Lucas says “synthetic”, Pentosin says “brake fluid” . I know it’s all supposed to be synthetic. Just trying to avoid any potential problem.
WD  67BJ8 
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