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I have studied the tire “balance” issue in some depth.  Here’s the deal.  The new car manufacturers specify the maximum acceptable tire runout and wheel runout.  The tire and wheel manufacturers, of course, do not produce round tires and wheels.  So the production deviations are represented by the typical bell curve.  The new car guys obviously get the cream of the crop at the center of the bell curve.  The aftermarket gets the rest of poorer quality.  Incidentally, the Vredestein tires are made in Holland and they do not cell to the new car market.  So your odds may be a little better for getting better tires.

The second issue is the match-mounting situation.  This is the process of locating the high spot on the tire with the low spot of the wheel.  New car manufacturers require their wheel and tire suppliers to mark the high spot on the tire with a dot of paint and the wheel low spot with a stick-on dot.  This saves the car manufacturers a lot of time, because they simply align the two marks to get a perfect match-mounting.  Then the balancing can be done with the least amount of weight.  The process of marking the tire this way requires significant time and a $500,000 machine to do it.  Therefore the aftermarket tires do not get this treatment.  There are procedures to accomplish this without having pre-marked tires.  Watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nswttgUKstk
This procedure adds significant time and cost to mounting new tires – I estimate  about $40 plus the normal $20 for normal mount and balance.  The other way is the mount the tire, shave the assembly round then balance the assembly. Which may cost you 1,500 miles of rubber.  The 165/HR/15 Vredestein tires only cost $119, so losing 1,500 miles is cheaper than the additional $30 to match-mount.  This is why Allen Hendrix does his this way.

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Around here, there are no places that have the appropriate wire wheel adapters to properly balance them.  Nor is there anyplace that will true the wheels or shave the tires.  Allen Hendrix has performed these services as well as balancing my drums.  I also performed the scuttle shake mod reinforcing the dog house.  I've had my Nasty Boy over a hundred with no sign of shake or shimmy and it cruises fine at 80.  If you have someone local that can mount and balance your wheels to your satisfaction, you are lucky...  For those of us who don't, I'll pay the few extra bucks not to have to deal with that annoying 55 mph shake.

Rick Neville

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Why send them out to have them mounted?  I have two small shops near me who know ow and do an excellent job of mounting and balancing.  Cost is minimal.  H\If you have to send them out, what in the world do you do when you have a flat?


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I send my wheels to Allen Hendrix as well.  Shipping is expensive, though.  I just spent $160 to ship 4 wheels to him from Massachusetts and $210 to have them shipped back with tires.  This place is within driving distance for you:  http://www.wheelrepairservice.com/  I've never used them and can't vouch for their work.

Rick Neville

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Ship them to Hendrixwirewheel.  Mounted, balanced and shaved round!  Allen Hendrix has an excellent National reputation.  1551 W Gate City Blvd # B, Greensboro, NC 27403

I have no financial interest, just know him and his work well.  He has maintained my BJ8 for over 20 years.

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