[Healeys] two post lift for lifting Healey (and other family cars)

Jim Frakes JimFrakes at frakes-eng.com
Fri Jun 8 09:31:41 MDT 2018

I have three 4 post lifts and one two post. Four posts limit some access due to the width of the platforms but I use them the most. 
Two posts are a pain in the butt for the Healey. The spread between the two front arms are not bad. The rear won't clear the muffler. 
So I have to jack up the back sides, one at a time and place a 1-1/2 foot long 2 x 12 underneath the back wheels, and drive the car on. The 2 by 12 is chamfered to easily drive on. Then swing the rear arm past the muffler and reach underneath and put the rubber pad support back on, while on my knees. I have to put the longer pad spacer on to reach the frame. Hopefully the muffler is not hot at this point. This is going to raise the rear 2 inches higher than the front, unless I also add the 2 x 12's to the front. If I don’t, it will look like a "Wedge" Racer or old Chrysler, with the front being tilted down by 2 inches. 
Speaking of the front, the car must be centered exactly, or at least within two inches or the front frame rails can't be accessed. The Healey frame width is so narrow, the arms barely reach the frame and even then, they set just under the cowling. Kind of precarious as the distance between the front pair and rear pair is from the cowling to just in front of the rear wheels. 
Someone else may have a different experience, but that is mine. 
That is with any of the three BJ8 phase II's. I have never tried my BN4, a BN6, or the two bugeyes or the square body, 
Other's may have a different opinion or a different model. 
If you want pix, I can take some. 
Jim Frakes

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Hi All,

I am having a new house built along with a proper garage of course. I plan to install a two post (I think) lift to do maintanance on my family cars including of course the Healey. 

As our cars sit rather low by today’s standards, I’m not sure what’s the best choice. I would like to be able to lift the Healey, as well as my 95 Chevy pickup, and our Chevy Equinox. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or guidance? 

Thanks as always!

64 BJ8

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