[Healeys] !00-4 main bearing cap puller / damper install

Wayne Schultz waschu2 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 13:32:09 MDT 2018

Hi everyone,

                  Thanks to those who helped me with my puller question. In
the end I made a new tool out of angle iron and 3/8 -16 rod. I ran a BSW
3/8 -16 die on the end to match the bearing caps. It worked the treat and
the caps came out with the minor expected effort.  The engine is apart and
going to the machine shop soon. The owner and I plan to install a pro-
harmonic damper when building up the motor. Unless the Denis Welch steel
crank has internal threads how have people installed the new damper on the
crank. Searching  videos I see people wailing on the damper with hammers to
force it onto the crank nose. This cannot be good for the thrust washers
and not how I plan to install it:(

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