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Back in 1994 a group of Healeys and Austin-Healeys were gathered at Sydney's
Amaroo Park. These included the Healey Silverstone of Warwick and Jennifer
Sell, the 100S of Ray and Muriel Roberts, the 100S (reconstruction) of
Murray Wells, Patrick and Caroline Quinn's 100 BN3/1, Colin and Kerrie
Rule's Bond 3000 (driven by Ross Bond), Joe and Lenore Armour's Sebring 3000
and Robert and Toni Harrison's Healey XR37.


The important part of the video is that it includes the first and only
vision of the Healey XR37 running under its own power since it ran at Le
Mans in 1970. In case you don't know what the XR37 is, it is the Healey
sports racer built initially for Le Mans in 1968 as a coupe with a Coventry
Climax V8. It ran again in slightly altered form in 1969 and then again in
1970 in open form, but with a Repco Brabham V8.


If you watch the film Le Mans with Steve McQueen that was made around the
1970 race you will catch glimpses of the XR37 running.




Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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