[Healeys] solid state pump

healeymanjim healeymanjim at hansencc.net
Mon Jun 4 17:05:20 MDT 2018

need some help from you electrical gurus on the list.  bought a solid state SU from moss a few years back(pos gnd).  i used 
it for a month or so then decided to use it for my spare.  i kept it in the trunk(boot) until a few days ago when my regular 
pump blew a check valve.  put the solid state on an it failed to operate.  the solenoid failed to work.  i finally got it to where 
it would move the diaphram but at a vastly reduced rate.  removing the electric part from the valve body allowed it to 
operate a little faster, but still at a reduced rate.  no clue as to what is happening here,  but will entertain all suggestions.


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