[Healeys] BJ8 Cant Rail Screws

Ian Hey rianhey at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 3 15:17:41 MDT 2018

The screws are No 6 x 1/2" long raised head countersunk pozi drive
woodscrews for the sides over the doors, and No 8 x 3/4" countersunk head
pozi drive woodscrews for the strip above the windscreen

No picture available, sorry

Ian Hey

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     I'm restoring a 1964 Phase1 BJ8. I've looked through my BJ8 parts 
manual and several online sites, and so far have not found what I'm 
looking for.  I'm trying to find what the screws are that are used to 
attach the aluminum strips, to the wooden pieces, which are affixed to 
the convertible top.  The aluminum strips hold the rubber draft strips 
which meet the wind up windows. A picture of a screw used here would be 

     Thanks in advance

     Oliver Viitamaki

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