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Not possible here in the People's Democratic Republic of Kalifornia.  Mandated by the global warming hoax perpetuated the one party in power that see's global warming as a big cash cow.
Other states are not immune from it's infection.Mike MacLean 

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 #yiv2283684069 body {min-height:100%;color:#000000;font-size:12pt;font-family:Times New Roman;}Hopefully not, either way I will avoid ethanol fuel at every opportunity.

Tim Davis BN7

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Just replaced the float of the sending unit in the gas tank of my Bugeye.  Replaced the cork gaskets with Viton to be sure no fumes from the fuel.  I ma familiar with Viton for many years.  I have been using Viton fuel lines with my radio control gas engines.  One thing that guys using this fuel line caution is it gets hard over time and must be replaced.  Not sure if that translates to carb diaphagms or automotive fuel lines though.
Mike MacLean



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