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Sat Jun 2 14:01:27 MDT 2018

Hi all ,
     Just in the process of installing a new intake manifold from AH Spares , I installed a set of DW headers and was having fuel vaporize problems with the stock manifold in contact with the headers . I had the headers ceramic coated but the fitting of everything caused heat in the old intake manifold. Well with any mods with anything your on your own to solve issues. Looks like I need a longer carb link rod , no problem I measured the rear one going down to the throttle pedal and it will do the job. I had the new manifold also ceramic coated as a precaution. Plus it adds bling . My question is , has anyone done this mod ? My car is a late production 67 BJ-8 PH II . And I need to find a set of air filters that will fit . The stock won’t , and I’ve been using a DW filter but even it won’t fit . Going to re install the DW exhaust system and then try to figure out a filter system that will fit . 
     Thanks for our list and all the info that helps us keep our cars on the road
         Don .
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