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Perry, the L/H clearer picture certainly shows HD8’s, but the other picture looks more like HD6’s.  The neck on the bell looks longer and the screw fasteners have different spacing. The fuel supply is different also, not that it would matter.



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Not sure about the original specs on the Rudd Speed manifolds as I can not find an original advertisement or catalog. 

But notice the car below is using HD8 carbs.  Maybe the HD6 manifolds were hogged out to fit the HD8’s. 

This post will probably not make it to the Healey list as I am having trouble posting there.


 <https://stevemckelvie.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/scan05792.jpg> scan0579notice the car below is using HD8 carbs. 


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Did Rudd do a 2”set of intake manifolds or were there only ever 1.75”?? May be a set near me…



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