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When you are looking for tube benders, you might try O'Rielly's.  They have many specialty tools that they loan.  You buy them and then bring them back when finished and they give you a full refund.  Some have a time restriction on how long you can keep them but my local shop has been good about giving some extra time with no penalty.  I haven't checked on tube benders but it's that type of specialty tools they do it with.  Other auto parts shops might have similar programs also.John O'Brien'65 BJ8 (Madelyn)'61 Bugeye (Lucy)

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I've built all my own brake lines and it is doable with a little practice and the tools and materials are not very expensive.

Had the SS lines from the late Doug Reid and they work-harden and no longer seal after a couple of times tightening. I've done mild steel for practice and recommend cunifer.

Federal Hill Trading is a great source for all info and supplies for building brake lines:

Eastwood has good inexpensive 3/16" flaring tools. For pix see my gallery:

See my other galleries for more flaring. Also there are lots of YouTube videos on flaring.

Also suggest Lisle tube bending pliers - can do tighter bends than the Harbor Freight tube benders.
Search on amazon for: Lisle 44150 3/16" Tubing Bender Pliers 

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