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Mon Jul 23 00:20:19 MDT 2018

Pipe bending is an art …--and switch to stainless (If you decide to use stainless steel be prepared for it. The flaring tools are different! Single flares, you can succeed most of the time but quality control is difficult. Double flares, maybe once or twice if you are lucky until the tool breaks. The best advice it don’t use SS unless you have the right tools or have a shop flare the lines. You should also install copper cone washers between the SS flare and the brake line seat. It prevents galling of the seat. Oh… the washers are hard to find and hard to install; but you can make them.)


I bent the SS lines for my BT7 and then had a local brake wholesale supply shop flare the lines. I don’t recall what I paid but it was not expensive and it was in and out the same day.


John Spaur

’62 BT7

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