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 For someone who is concerned with drivability, reliability and concours-acceptable choices, this is a good option: As you might know, they are not being made by Michelin -- those are the old Michelin molds that have been sold on to a third-party manufacturer, but they're going to be made to Coker standards using modern rubber formulas. Sure they'll be expensive, but what isn't, and they'll look good and definitely last at least the 10 years from manufacture that everyone pretty much agrees are acceptable limits for tires today. And they should be safe within the dafe limits of a normal Healey (i.e. cruising at 75-80 all day long with very occasional spurts up to 100 mph). Tubeless is definitely an advantage, but that's more a factor of the wheel rim and spoke design than the tire itself. 


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I just wanted to add my experience with tires;

I needed to replace some 14 year old Michelin ZX 175 - 15 tires on my BN7.  I mounted tubeless Michelin XZX 165-15 on new tubeless 60 spoke wheels.  Tires from Coker Tire Co. 

I think they look right, and the ride is great.

They are more expensive than other options but I have always had great experience with Michelin tires on my other cars.

Ron Fine
61 BN7



Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California




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