[Healeys] Choke cable installation on a BT7

Tim Davis BN7 tld6008 at mchsi.com
Mon Jul 2 08:42:35 MDT 2018

See photo, all 5 trunion pieces are in the bracket hole securing the choke cable 

Tim Davis BN7

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I have a 1960 Austin Healey BT that I want to install the original choke cable assembly.
I have the trunion that mounts into the choke bracket (see page 41 of Moss).  What I don't understand is what the inner trunion mounts to.
Can anyone provide photos, or a clear description, of how this works?..................   Al

Albert Seminatore
Mountain Falls, Pahrump, NV
eMail:  alsemus1 at gmail.com

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