[Healeys] Drum Balancing

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Allen Hendrix of HendrixWireWheel (in North Carolina) did my BJ8.  Rear Drums and (I think) the drive shaft.  I don't know exactly how it is done.  I always just hand the keys to Allen!

Smoothest BJ8 I've ever driven, including 2 purchased new back in the '60's.

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Where did you get them balanced and how was it done?

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Absolutely!   Eliminated 50-70% of scuttle shake in daily driving.  One of the best things I ever did to my cars.  Have balanced several sets.

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I can understand balancing the front drums on my BN2 to help preclude scuttle shake, but I am converting to front disc brakes.  Is it necessary to balance the rear drums?
Mike MacLean

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