[Healeys] 5-Way Correct?

WILLIAM B LAWRENCE ynotink at msn.com
Thu Feb 8 19:56:32 MST 2018

Agreed, The 90 degree fitting doesn't belong.

Looking at the right chassis rail from the engine side there is a welded nipple on the inner side of the rear suspension mount. The bolt threads into it. The 5 way mounts there with the bolt mount upper left.

The line connections will be:

Master cylinder-engine side,

Right front brake-top,

Left front brake-forward,

Rear brakes-rearward,

Brake lamp switch-bottom.

Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554

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Can I get some opinions (do I need to ask that?) if this 5-way brake fitting that bolts to the frame in the front of my BN2 is in the correct configuration?  There is a 90 degree fitting in the threaded hole opposite the frame rail.  I have seen pictures without this fitting.  Is this fitting in some cars, but not others?  Is it just not supposed to be there?  Inquiring minds that are doing assembly would like to know. ;^)
Mike MacLean

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