[Healeys] Engine mountings' colour.

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In regard to the color of the engine mounts, the engines were painted after they were assembled, which meant that any rubber parts attached would have been painted also.

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With reference to my question on removing/replacing engine mountings (16/11/2016)…..

What colour should they be?

I have an idea that they were engine colour, including the rubber. Seems strange to paint the rubber….can’t imagine the paint would last??

Yes, it’s been a while since I discovered that the exhaust side was delaminating and asked the question. The sum of the answers was not to panic (as if!), keep an eye on them and do the job when a suitable opportunity arises.

I’ve taken out the carbs and 6 branch exhaust in order to facilitate raising the engine for the installation of a harmonic balancer. Since one has to detach half the mountings’ bolts, I might as well replace them now.

That nut on the crankshaft…I still have that massive, heavy, ugly, old spanner that I bought second hand for less than a pound. (Saw it, hoped it would fit, bought it and it did fit). One serious whack on that with a club hammer and the nut’s loose. Miracles do happen.

Club hammer…do you call them that? We sometimes call them “lump” hammers. Shortish handle with a big heavy head. Masons use them with those “bolsters” I was on about recently. (A lot of the bolsters have a significant rubber hand guard. If you miss with a club hammer, it hurts.)


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