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Thanks for the data. I have a LHD BT7 tri-carb side-shift, Swedish German spec Healey. As you probably know, there are several differences with the normal BT7.

Duel indicator, signal, brake lights, i.e. different front and rear shrouds and no light relay box.

Hex knock offs

Steering column lock with ign switch

Secondary transvers muffler ( BJ8 style but single unit)

Any guess as to how many of these German spec side shift tri-carbs were built?

Herb Miller



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Where did the term ‘tri-power’ come from? Wasn’t it a term used by Pontiac when they fitted triple twin-barrel carburettors to their V8s during the 1950s and ‘60s? 


Generally the colloquial term for the 3000 Mk2 Roadster is ‘tri-carb’ which available in either 2+2 (BT7) or 2 seater (BN7) configuration.


Now highly desirable, there were few Mk2 Roadsters built. Namely:-


BT7 LHD Side-shift                  2,949

BT7 RHD Side-shift                  206

BN7 LHD Side-shift                 187

BN7 RHD Side-shift                 27


BT7 LHD Centre-shift              1,834

BT7 RHD Centre-shift              98

BN7 LHD Centre-shift              129

BN7 RHD Centre-shift              12


I don’t know where the figure of 50 comes from but the above figures are from Clausager’s book and they are repeated in the Anderson/Moment book.


Interestingly of the 12 RHD BN7s built with the centre-shift gearbox, five went to the Competitions Department and became rally cars. There are two original RHD BN7s with centre-shift gearboxes in Australia. Also interesting is that the end of the Mk2 Roadster production overlapped with the beginning of the Mk2 Convertible production so both were being made at the same time and were also available at the same time from the showroom.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia



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Indeed a rare and desirable car, but a quick review of the photos shows it is not so “original” as claimed; I can find a number of things that are not correct.


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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I think they’re saying “only 50 MkII BN7s”. Rather more than 50 centre shift MkII BT7s, of which I have one.




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https://tinyurl.com/y8qss5ld  were there really only 50 center shift tri powers made?

Ira Erbs


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          BT7 engine and disk brakes



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