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When I built my 100 I grafted a used air valve from a six onto the drivers side footwell and added a full sized air tube to the grille. It complicates work in the left side of the engine compartment, but it does provide a lot of relief from the normal heat load in the footwell. The most uncomfortable thing now is the lack of circulation in the chest area and that is exacerbated by solar gain while driving with the sun ahead, so I'm trying to figure out a way to move more air in that area. For an open air car there is a huge stagnant area behind the windscreen that allows a lot of uncontrolled solar gain. My brother-in-law's solution was an oversized white shirt and a spray bottle of water...

Bill Lawrence
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I've had the optional hardtop for my BN7 for many years, and really appreciated it for long-distance touring where variability of weather was probable. However, it is stuffy, especially for the passenger, so when I did tour, I would temporarily install a duct from the grille into the passenger footwell to get fresh air into that area. Made an enormous difference.


Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California

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