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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sun Dec 16 11:35:04 MST 2018

The cutting in temp. can be set fairly high. There are thousands of 
thermoswitches to choose from. Most have a M22 thread. Best is to have a 
T-piece in the top hose or a M22 boss soldered in the top tank

In my car the cutting-in temp. is about 98°C. Cutting-out temp.is about 
92°C. This with a 86°C thermostat and the thermoswitch in the top tank. 
Normal green coolant, closed cooling system with expansion bottle and no 
pressure. In the mountains I would use a 6psi radiator cap. So the 
normal running temp is steady at slightly over 86°C. Idling, in dense 
traffic or e.g. on steep hills the temp. will rise until the fan cuts in 
at 98°C after which the temp. drops to 92°C. The higher the temp. the 
better the cooling because of the delta T.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 16-12-2018 om 18:15 schreef R. Lindsay:
> I have recently installed an electric fan in my BJ8 with an adjustable 
> controller (moved from Illinois to SW Florida).  The car runs at about 
> 90 degrees but sometimes gets little hotter.  What would be a good 
> temperature at which to set the controller?  I don’t want it running 
> constantly but I don’t want it set so high that the temp will get away 
> from me and not settle back down when the electric fan comes on.
> Thank you.
> Price Lindsay
> 67 BJ8
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