[Healeys] Front Lower Repair Panel part number 857-535

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KAS indeed has the part you are looking for. No parts are not all sourced from the same place but Moss offers KAS parts and I am of the opinion that they charged a premium over the cost to bring it in, how much , not sure about that.
You can purchase direct from KAS and this part, the lower front wing, sells for $100.33 Australian or $114.66 Australian if you want this part with the wire already in it. These prices date back from 2017 so perhaps add another 10% to them. The Australian $$ is pretty well at par with ours. KAS will ship with DHL and you will get the parts within a week. I have purchased from them a lot in the last couple of years and they are great to deal with.
Having said that, how much rust do you have on your panel because if it is rusted say 20 inches up on your fender, the piece you get from KAS does not go that high, so find out how far up the fender you want to replace and they will make a piece that will work for you, of course for more money but do it right the first time and the work will last. I have done my 100-6 29 years ago and the bodywork still looks like new after 62,000 miles.
By the way the part from KAS is AH234 or AH 234W if you want the bead wire with it.


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Feedback on this would be appreciated.

Would like to save money but time is equally valuable so buying a better part for a premium (realistic) would certainly be considered if the quality/fit is superior.  Who has the better part or are they all sourced from the same place?

Moss -  $649
Englishparts.com - $589
KAS -  I did not find it offered but may have missed it?

Thank you,
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