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Simon, I don't have any information about non-BJ8 stuff, but the BMC
workshop manual for BJ7/BJ8 says of the oil pump:

"(a)  The radial clearance between the gears and the pump body should not
exceed 0.00125 in. to 0.0025 in. (0.032 mm to 0.063 mm).

(b)  Check the clearance between the gears and the end cover by placing a
straight edge across the pump body and checking with a feeler gauge.  End
float should be between 0.0005 in. and 0.002 in. (0.013 mm. and 0.051 mm)."


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

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I have extracted the "Gear type" oil pump from my car. This is apparently
the latter of the 2 types fitted to 3000s. It "looks" OK to me, but how can
I tell if it's actually worn?

There is a (very) little scoring, but I reckon one might anticipate that.
The clearances between the teeth seems good as does the clearance between
the teeth and the body. The shafts are OK and everything sits solid. But
what do I know of these things?

Any ideas, any clearance figures would be appreciated. Thanks.

(I bought a new Denis Welch High Capacity pump on eBay and will be fitting
that. It's a "rotor".)



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