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This is one for those of you who know about numbers stamped into our cars.
Not important.I'm just curious.

So, I was lying under the MkII BT7 last night scraping the remnants of the
cork gasket and vile sealant off the bottom of the block where the sump
attaches. I was looking upwards, despite the rain of bits, and saw some
numbers and letters stamped into that bottom face.

We're talking about the bottom corner of the engine, nearest the starter.
Under the gasket, starting in the corner going towards the centre.

Each letter or numeral being +/- 8mm.











Approximately like that. Don't know how it'll appear in your computers..

The "2" in the "20", 3rd line down, is actually a "1" with a "2" stamped on

My car's details, for cross reference, if any:-

Chassis no.                  HBT7 18111

Engine no.                   29E/RU/H4590

Body                           18,088

Production Lot            3,095

Completed, I think, 15th March '62


Any ideas?

(Don't going tearing off to rip your sumps off to have a look..ain't worth





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