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Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Dec 5 02:55:01 MST 2018


The settings are the same for all SU pumps as the coil housing with 
points assembly is mechanically the same on all SU-pumps.

top blade to pedestal at the very front of the blade: 0,9mm/0,035

coil body to lip on lower points assembly: 2,3mm/0,090", this used to be 
1,9mm in the early days with a slightly different points design (NLA), 
but I set them all to 2,3mm using the later points

Also important is the adjustment of the diaphragm:

Remove the 10 guiding brass rings, five 8-shaped plastic parts or a 
U-shaped plastic casting between the steel centre of the diaphragm and 
coil housing.Screw in the diaphragm slowly while continually moving it 
in and out firmly, holding the pump horizontal, until the points just do 
not throw over any more, turn the diaphragm back to line up with the 
nearest hole and then turn back another 4 holes. Refit the guiding brass 
rings/8-shaped plastic parts/ U-shaped plastic casting. Be careful that 
these are seated properly. If not they will get damaged and the 
diaphragm will be destroyed when fitting the pump body and coil housing 
Adjust the points as previously described.

Fit a transil between the small terminal screw of the points blade and 
one of the 2 larger pedestal screws.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 5-12-2018 om 04:55 schreef Bob Spidell:
> David,
> Are the factory settings per SU the same as those in the shop manual 
> (Bentley, in my case)?
> Bob
> On 11/29/2018 8:18 AM, David Nock wrote:
>> We install and sell probably about 50  to 75 SU fuel pump a year with 
>> almost 0 returns. The only time when we had an issue with the SU 
>> pumps is when they first came out with the Positive Ground pumps.
>> The reason for this is they went backwards in time about 50 years.
>> Originally the pumps only had a set of points and no condensor. Then 
>> they installed a condensor in the early 50s to solve the pitting 
>> points and sticking problems they were having. These pumps were used 
>> thru the early 80’s with very few issues other than failures due to 
>> age. Sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s there was a demand for 
>> originallity for a Positive Ground pump at the time the had changed 
>> from a condensor to a diode in across the points. So the answer to a 
>> Positive Ground pump was to remove the diode. This returned the pump 
>> the original design and they started having pump failures in the 
>> Positive ground pumps.
>> Then somewhere in the late 90’s they started installing a non 
>> polarity concious diode in all the pumps. Thus solving the problem 
>> with pump failure due to the points.
>> The one issue that we did find with the pumps in the late 90’s up 
>> until about 2005 was that the diaphgrams / points adjustments were 
>> incorrect. So we would always pull all of our pumps apart and re 
>> adjust the points to the factory settings as per SU.
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