[Healeys] Grease. What is best

Andy Thorp bce257 at yahoo.co.nz
Sat Dec 1 14:25:55 MST 2018

Hi Warren,

If your grease gun has a spring inside it and a long rod/handle that you pull out of the back when changing the cartridge- i.e. any conventional type, it is because the spring slowly squeezes the oil out of the clay base over time. 

Simple fix is to pull the handle/rod out of the back when not in use. Makes storing the gun a bit of a pain with the rod sticking out but it means the grease stays in good condition and the gun doesn't leak everywhere.


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 The last few years I have had
 problems with grease in my grease gun leaking all over the
 place when stored.It
 just leaks out like oil. I’ve purchased what I thought was
 a good product and even bought a new gun. Normally I will
 grease the car once or twice a year and lay the gun down
 only to find a gooey mess next time I use it. Mobil
 synthetic is the most recent brand. Red soup all over the
 place. Have used others. Tried storing upright, still leaks.
 This cannot be good for all those points requiring effective
  WD   67

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