[Healeys] Electric fan on BN2

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Aug 30 09:09:21 MDT 2018

Remove the fixed fan and install an thermostatically  controlled (in 
around 90-100°C and out around 5°C above the thermostat opening temp) 
electric fan between engine and radiator that fits within the space 
available as near to the radiator core as possible, preferably with a 
bespoke frame that fits properly on the mounting points of the radiator 
and holds the fan. There are several suppliers of such kits. Also fit an 
override switch for the fan.

The fixed fan is not really needed at speed and fairly useless in a 
traffic jam.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 30-8-2018 om 10:15 schreef Thomas Willig:
> Hello,
> has someone on the list installed an electric cooling fan on his BN1 / BN2 without cutting out the crossed bars in front of the radiator? Maybe a pull through fan on the rear?
> I am considering to install a cooling fan as in summer, temperatures above 85, I feel uneasy in stop and go traffic.
> ...and yes, my engine, timing, radiator is all in perfekt condition.
> Please advise
> Thomas Willig
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