[Healeys] Shims in front hub

Bob Haskell rchaskell at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 24 17:26:44 MDT 2018


The general process is to put in too many shims, measure the end float 
and subtract about that thickness of shims and repeat.  Don't install 
the seal in the hub until you've got the shims figured out.

I made a nut to replace the castellated nut, that extends out past the 
end of the hub.  Then use a dial indicator on a magnetic base attached 
to the brake rotor to measure the end float. Just push and pull on the 
splined hub to see what the total float is.

Image 0670 is the nut I made.  Image 667 is a mock-up on the bench of 
how it's used.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 MkI registrar

On 08/24/2018 06:07 PM, Tom Felts wrote:
> What's the procedure for determining how (size) shims to put in against 
> the spacer?  Are they for end float?  If so, what is the procedure for 
> measuring end float?
> tIA
> tom
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