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Yes I did years ago. I have a '67 BJ8 I bought new and after a few years in the South Florida (Miami) heat went to a junk yard and got a heater fan out of a junked Healey and reversed the housing parts and reversed the motor wiring inside the motor to make the squirrel cage fan blow in the right direction and mounted it in the same place as the heater blower but on the left hand side of the car in the cool air duct. I the idea was to get more air flow at slower speeds. It moved the air but didn't increase the cooling very much. It was just hot ambient air. 

'67 BJ8

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Has anyone fitted a 12 volt in line fan onto the cold air duct (not a bilge pump)? If so could you give me some hints and specifically what kind of fan you used.
Hot toes Carl
1957 BN-4

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