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I have read a number of articles on the energetics and burning
characteristics of ethanol and have been frustrated that I cannot find one
that provides a comprehensive, objective,  science-based analysis of gas
with and without ethanol added that takes into account ALL of the costs
(energetic, economic and environmental).  Ethanol evidently does burn
cleaner, but produces less energy on a per volume basis (the increase in
fuel consumption with only 10% content is negligible, but 15%??),  But the
debate is complicated as there are varying reports on the benefits of
reduced emissions versus the  cost of producing ethanol, including some
reports that it takes more energy to produce ethanol (including cost to
transport the corn to the plant and deliver ethanol to the refineries) than
the refined product actually yields, as well as the costs related to the
food industry (and ultimately us as consumers).   I can't find the answer in
the credible published literature - it is inconclusive.

I made a selfish decision  - I have two cars and several old English bikes
that abhor ethanol gas (especially the bikes), so I only buy ethanol-free
gas, and to support the few oil companies that still provide it, I put it in
my BMW too, even though it does not need it.  It costs a bit more, but is
worth it.  In Canada, all Shell 91 octane is ethanol-free and I can vouch
for that in Guelph, Ontario as the pumps where I buy say "contains no
ethanol" for their "V-Power" (whatever that is).  I believe Ultramar 91 and
Canadian Tire 91 octane are ethanol-free at least in Ontario.  Check this
North America-wide site to see where you can get it locally
https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=ON.  BTW, THANK YOU Shell,
Ultramar and Canadian Tire.

'59 BT7
'48 M.G. TC
BSAs and Velocettes

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