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Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 11:06:33 MDT 2018

It was mentioned that there is a flexible mesh fuel line from the tank take
off to the fuel line fitting mounted on the frame because the fuel fitting
was mounted in the wrong place.  That is exactly where my 67 BJ8 fuel line
fitting is mounted so the tank was always tilted up to the fitting and not
sitting flat on the trunk floor.  Rather than change the position of the
fitting I will be using a flexible mesh fuel line extension.  At the
conclave I discuss this problem. One owner said, you mean your fuel line is
mounted in your truck boot compartment.  Mine was on the other side of the
panel and I had to carefully feed  the tank fitting through the hole and
with fingertips get it to screw on to the fuel line end fitting.


Sounds as if this is another item which is placed wherever the installer
wants it to be placed and the installer of the tank just makes it fit.  


Further, once I fit the tank on the floor, it have to reposition the straps
or ???




Bob Begani

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