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Odd choice of color change, IMO.  Black/red is a rarer combination for 
an M (though it wouldn't be my favorite).  If I was going to go with a 
non-original scheme, I'd go with Florida Green over white, which I think 
is absolutely stunning (and shows in some of the selling prices I've seen).

Any chance this is a 'counterfeit;' i.e. one of the cars where the BMIHT 
cert was 'shopped' by an unscrupulous restorer (there was an infamous 
case where someone submitted a series of VINs, looking for one with the 
'shipped with louvred bonnet' comment). As I mentioned, one level of 
'100M Registry' certification only requires the BMIHT cert.


On 8/2/2018 6:23 AM, Randall Hicks wrote:
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>> As I understand it, as early as autumn 1953 "Le Mans modifications" 
>> and “Special Tuning equipment"_parts_were available from the DHMC. 
>> These could be bought outright, through dealers or DHMC installed. 
>> According to Piggott’s_Austin-Healey 100 in Detail_, the P280 Le Mans 
>> Kit (as a complete package) was released in October 1955. If others 
>> have documentation showing different, I would be very interested is 
>> seeing it.
>> Secondly, OEW duotone 100M were only done in OEW/Black with Black 
>> trim. There was no OEW/Lobella with blue trim as a standard factory 
>> option for the 100M. However, remember that 100’s could be ordered in 
>> special color or primer.
>> This particular car, BN2L/232949, was originally a Black/Reno Red 
>> with Black interior trim and hood. See attached BMIHT Certificate.
>> I looked at the car in 2008 or 2009 (?) when it was offered for sale 
>> by Jerry Bennsinger (OH). It was all OEW with blue trim at that point 
>> and I passed for many reasons.
>> Randy
>> Randy Hicks
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