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I have the same problem with the dipstick of the Healey Duncan. It’s made from aluminium and therefore quite light in colour. I use Penrite Classic Medium oil which is a mineral oil, but it is next to impossible to read the dipstick even in the sunlight.


Our everyday Mercedes-Benz also has no dipstick and every time I need to make sure there is enough oil in the engine I have to refer to the owner’s manual to make sure I press all the right buttons. Changing the oil is not fun especially working out how to reset the next service indicator.


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I've been doing this since I bought my Mini Cooper back in 2007. I thought it was a flaw in the dipstick design. Now you tell me it is the synthetic oil.

Mini solved the problem in my 2016 Mini, they eliminated the dipstick. Now I must trust the computer and the oil level it reports.



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OK, I may be the only guy who's never thought of this, but I 'solved' a 

minor bugaboo (for me) recently.  When I put fresh oil, esp. synthetic, 

in the engine or gearbox I have a hard time reading the dipstick to 

check the level (first photo; in bright sun this can be difficult to 

see, the oil actually showed-up better in the photo).  This can be an 

issue when, for instance, I recently overfilled my gearbox/OD and got a 

lot of leaking past the front seal.  I usually lay the dipstick on a rag 

or paper towel to prevent dripping, and it occurred to me how I could 

get a good reading:


1) dip the stick, and lay it on a clean paper towel, or similar, with 

the top of the level ticks or lettering at the edge of the paper (second 



2) move the dipstick slightly to the side, keeping your reference at the 

edge of the towel (third photo)


3) now, you can see the level as the 'oil stain' on the paper towel





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