[Healeys] Sleeving Wheel Cylinders

Patrick & Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
Sat Apr 7 05:12:56 MDT 2018



Following spending quite a bit of my lifetime bleeding the brakes on the BN3
I have reached a moment of inspiration.


While I have managed to extract all the air from the system there is still a
poor pedal.


New pipes, hoses, reservoir and front wheel cylinders. Rebuilt master


The master cylinder is a standard 100 unit and the new wheel cylinders were
needed due to the poor condition of the old 7/8in cylinders. This afternoon
I recalled that the new cylinders are 1in units. Methinks that the poor
pedal is being caused by the larger diameter wheel cylinders and that the
master cylinder is not coping.


How is my logic? Would it be possible to resleeve the wheel cylinders from
1in to 7/8in?




Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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