[Healeys] Fender Bead Question

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu Sep 28 16:34:35 MDT 2017

Excellent question!  Next.

JK.  I've had a couple of these sitting on the bench for years--I did a 
dogleg transplant years ago with the inferior ones that don't have the 
beading--and there's usually something more urgent to attend to.  But, 
I've given it thought, and can see two ways to do it:

1) take your measurements, cut the beading off square, position the 
dogleg, weld fill the gap and sand/grind/fill the joint as smooth as 
possible, or

2) leave about an inch of the bead, 'peel' back the bead on the wing, 
pull out an inch and cut it off.  Then, fit the patch panel, wrap the 
old metal around the 1" of bead, and somehow hammer it all back together

Obviously, #2 is at going to be the strongest, though there shouldn't 
much stress here, but it could be a real trick to do it cleanly without 
making a mess of everything.  I've not had any cracking or other issues 
with my first repair with the inferior patch panels.

What do the pro panel beaters say?  I'll bet BCS has done a few of these ;)


On 9/28/2017 11:03 AM, Mike Tobin wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've got my patch panels for the lower part of the four wings.  They 
> all have a few inches of the wheel well beading extending beyond the 
> top of the patch. All the usual vendors' pictures show this.  Is this 
> extra that I just cut off?  I would be good, I suppose, to have it 
> replace the equivalent bit of beading in the original, but I don't see 
> how I could get the old bead out without mucking up the wing.
> I went ahead on one dog leg and cut that piece off and the new piece 
> welded on fine.  Should I have done something else?
> Thanks Again,
> Mike Tobin, Townsend, MT

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