[Healeys] Differential Locked addendum

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Yes, I am referring to the pinion shaft.  I will take out the drain plug to check, but I seem to remember seeing it flush with the inside surface case.  If the drain plug is not the problem I will loosen all the nuts and let the pumpkin drop out of the case a fraction of an inch and see if it moves then, if not it will have to come out for inspection.  I'll let everyone know what I find.Mike

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  You can rotate the axle flange through complete rotation and the opposite flange turns in the opposite direction, but the output flange does not move. 

Axles run on spider gears located in center of ring gear ... they are free to rotate even when ring gear is locked .. possible 'pumpkin' setting further into axle housing due to thinner gasket on reinstall//maybe drain plug fouling with ring gear? by 'output shaft' I assume you mean the pinion shaft which connects to the drive shaft
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