[Healeys] Fuel gauge reading full at all times

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While the sending unit is out, I would:
1. Confirm that there is power/voltage to the power lead (I think it is a "GB" wire) that connects to the sending unit, with the ignition switch "on". Use a voltage meter, not a continuity or resistance or amp meter. Connect the volt meter to the end of the GB wire & to a good ground. Turn on the ignition switch. You should see about 12 volts.

2. Connect the GB power wire to the sending unit terminal (with the sending unit still out of the tank) & connect the mounting flange of the sending unit to a good ground. With the ignition switch "on", raise & lower the float & observe the fuel gage. The needle should go up & down.

These two tests should help to isolate the source of your problem.

Gary Hodson

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After the harness meltdown, which impacted the battery lead to the fuel gauge, the gauge has read full and there is currently about ¼ in the tank.  The gauge has been checked twice and pronounced OK.  Today I bypassed the tank-sender wire with a jumper, same result—reading full.  I removed the sender and bench tested the resistance and got 2 ohms with the float fully down and around 70 ohms with the float lifted to approximately where it would be in a full tank.  From what I can find online this is in range.  So I’m stumped as to why the gauge is reading full.  Thoughts?
Bruce Steele
Brea, CA
1960 BN7

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