[Healeys] 1157 positive ground red stop/tail bulbs

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I live in UK and am currently on a driving holiday in southern France with limited internet access. However, I'm online tonight and have discovered that for some reason we have better availability of positive ground LEDs in the UK than you have in the US.
 http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/led-bulbs-especially-for-motorcycles-shop.php  are shipping worldwide and have what you need. As I suggested before, 1157 is equivalent to BAY15D. Good luck.

Mike Brooks

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OK, Mike and all others, how about availability in America?  Any information?



BJ7 (w/ BJ8 carbs)

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These are available from several sources on uk ebay and elsewhere as BAY15D which AFAIK are equal to 1157. Might be worth googling BAY15D. 
Mike Brooks'56 BN2 Scotland

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