[Healeys] Calgary to Monterey Return - The details!

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    Great to hear you made it home safe and sound. It  was great to meet 
you in person and though you may not remember my face, I loved  your story and 
your dedication of making this journey. I love to hear and see  folks like 
you, folks who drive these cars to their limits and then some. 
    Happy trails for the future and here's to you and  your BN6!
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598 
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rvmaylor at shaw.ca writes:

Hi all, 
Just back from the round trip to Monterey for the  International Healey 
Many thanks to the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club who  hosted a great 
event. It was well worth the drive. 
Many highlights of the event included meeting many of the  people on this 
list, the Rally out to Big Sur, the car show in Pacific Grove  and the laps 
of Laguna Seca. 
The 1958 Pacific Green BN6 performed well and didn’t let me  down.  
The only casualties were the tach cable which broke two  days into the trip 
and not replaced until two days left, the rear exhaust pipe  bracket 
vibrated itself apart, (bailing wire fix and it was already near  failure and I 
forgot that last minute repair), the driver side wiper arm  jumped ship in a 
torrential downpour at dusk, and a pressure wave from a semi  truck blew out 
the cheap aftermarket plexi glass from the passenger side  screen during 
yesterday’s snowstorm.  
Here are the stats from the Garmin GPS,  
Metric Version 
Distance = 5737 km  
Fuel = 842.3 litres  
Avg. = 14.7 litres\100km  
Oil used = 3.8 litres  
Avg. = 1 L/1516 km 
Transmission Fluid = 0  
Rad Fluid added = ½ litre 
Garmin Top Speed = 151 km/hr  
Avg. Moving Speed = 67.3 km/h 
Max Elevation = 2933 meters 
Min Elevation = 2 meters 
Max Temp = 35 C 
Min Temp = 0 C 
Statute Version 
Distance = 3565 miles  
Fuel = 222.5 US gallons 
Avg. = 16 mpg  
Oil used = 4 quarts 
Avg. = 1 qt./891 miles 
Transmission Fluid = 0  
Rad Fluid added = ½ qt. 
Garmin Top Speed = 94 mph (the speedo read 105 very  briefly)  
Avg. Moving Speed = 41.8 mph 
Max Elevation = 9624 feet (Sonora Pass) 
Min Elevation = 2 meters 
Max Temp = 95 F 
Min Temp = 32 F 
Ross Maylor 
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