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The parts book indicates that there are (3) CMZ0308 screws required. They are #10-32 recessed countersunk-head machine screws, 1/2" long. Zinc plated. Each screw requires a flat washer, a spring washer & a nut. My Phase 1 BJ8 also has (2) drain holes near the corner of the "U" channel. In the bottom of the "U". The (3) screw holes are in the front leg of the "U".  
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My BN7 has flat head phillips in the worn hole locations. The "drain" holes are unoccupied but can't confirm original intention.

Tim Davis BN7

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Hi All,

I am presently working on restoring my shrouds.  I have a question on the front shroud. I’ve attached a photo that shows the bonnet opening right at the front. Along the perimeter of the opening are three mounting holes where the front of the shroud is bolted to the sub-structure. I’ve identified the holes with red ovals, and they are labelled as “A”. 

Over the years those mounting holes enlarged to the point where the original screw heads wore themselves right through the aluminum. 20 years ago I replaced the original screws with larger headed screws, and even made dished washers out of aluminum sheet to help secure the shroud. 

To restore it I plan to TIG weld in new metal and then drill new holes. The problem is that I don’t have any idea of how big the holes should be. I also don’t know what the correct screw type might be. Were they countersunk heads, Philips, pozidrive, or flat? So if any of you guys can tell me the proper hole size and screw type I’d very much appreciated it. 

Also you can  see an additional hole far to the left that I’ve labeled “B”. There is a similar one on the other side. Is it supposed to be there as a drain? 

Thanks in advance for any help. I’m starting to see the light at the end of this restoration tunnel. :-)

64 BJ8
72 XJ6

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