[Healeys] A Mystery

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Fri Sep 22 06:21:16 MDT 2017

Have you ever replaced the "in-tank" fuel filter?  If not this could be your problem.  The same thing you described happened to me years ago.  It drove me crazy until I had the tank opened.  The in-tank filter was chocked full of "stuff".  I pulled it, sealed the tank, added an in-line filter and never had the problem again.

---- Oudesluys <coudesluijs at chello.nl> wrote: 

Sounds a bit like a blocked fuel tank vent/fuel cap.
However, fuel filters of low quality can get blocked rather quickly, of 
course also dependent on the condition of the fuel tank and the fuel. 
Always get fuel from a supplier with a large turnover. The best fuel 
filters are usually the cheap ones from transparant plastic. Avoid the 
fancy glass tube with chromed end ones, they often leak. One filter 
between pump and carbs should be plenty.
More filters only cause more resistance and thus lower fuel 
There is no way of telling how long a fuel filter lasts before it gets 
blocked. Just make sure you carry a spare one.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 22-9-2017 om 1:31 schreef Richard Antal:
> Greeting Healeyphiles,
>      I encountered a mishap that begs explanation. On a recent road 
> trip in my BJ8, I was cruising along at 70mph on I 84 in Connecticut, 
> when the engine suddenly died. I cruised over to the breaddown lane 
> and proceeded to replace the rotor with the newer reliable one. The 
> car started, I went two miles and it died again. I replaced the coil 
> with a Lucas sport coil. The car started and died again in 1/2 mile. I 
> replaced the distributor cap and wires. The car would not start. Along 
> came Dean Cusano, president of Motorcars Inc. who informed me that his 
> garage which specialized in Jaguars was at my disposal one mile away. 
> AAA took me there. Parenthetically, I add that I could always hear my 
> loud electric fuel pump clacking away. On arrival at his garage, I 
> detached the fuel line from the carbs, activated the fuel pump and a 
> lusty flow of fuel issued forth. Dean suggested I change my fuel 
> filters, both one just after the pump and a second in the engine 
> compartment. The car started and I drove fifty feet into his garage 
> where I proceeded to change the filters which he kindly gave me at no 
> charge. The car started and I completed the 3000 mile trip with no 
> problems. The old filters probably had 15,000 miles of use but 
> appeared clean. How could fouled fuel filters possibly have caused the 
> problems I had? If the filters were in fact the cause, how often 
> should they be changed and would it not make more sense to have one 
> filter in the engine compartment where it could easily be changed? 
> Thanks for your thoughts.
> rich antal
> '65 BJ8
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