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Tue Sep 19 11:56:38 MDT 2017

There are test procedures in the Bentley manual, but they're done in 
situ.   Section NNN for the 3-armature types used in BJ8s.  I think you 
could bench test using these procedures, but you'd need a variable 
voltage power supply and possibly a good battery for a load.


On 9/19/2017 9:56 AM, John Vrugtman wrote:
> my experience with those boxes, 2 tried, 1 worked, 1 did not.
> John
> On 9/19/2017 12:43 PM, Simon Lachlan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I don’t suppose you remember the generator saga to do with my 
>> nephew’s BJ8, the one in Paris.....
>> Well, we got everything working with a rebuilt genny and a new 
>> control box. That was time ago and we’ve had no charging issues since.
>> When he bought the car, it came with a very generous “box of bits”* 
>> amongst which were 2 apparently new control boxes. The one in the car 
>> “looked” new but it was about as much use as a chocolate teapot. So 
>> that’s gone in the bin. All that’s left are two Indian control boxes, 
>> one in the car plus one in its box.
>> PLUS, one “NOS” – they said – Lucas control box which looks pretty 
>> dodgy to me. That came off French eBay.
>> AND, one that I bought off British eBay...NOS. It says “Made in 
>> England” but not Lucas. It is VERY similar to the Lucas version. Same 
>> size, same mountings, same weight even. Still boxed.
>> Anyhow, is there any way of bench testing these wretched things?
>> I’m tempted to suggest ditching the spare Indian control box and 
>> carrying my “Made in England” version as a spare.
>> If these things are reliable as the water pumps from India...well, 
>> it’s just trouble in store???
>> A bench test anyone??
>> Thanks,
>> Simon
>> *The “box of bits”.....boxes of front suspension parts, king pins, 
>> oil cooler.....masses of stuff, all new. Plus a load of various 
>> additives which had to be thrown away as not accepted by the shipping 
>> company.

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