[Healeys] Axle Numbers

Mon Sep 18 19:13:50 MDT 2017

A 4.10:1 ratio would be incorrect for a BN1. That ratio was standard on the Hypoid axle cars (BN2-BJ7) but the spiral bevel axles had a standard ratio of 4.125:1.

Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554

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4638 is the rear axle serial number.  I don't know if the prefix "BN1" (?) is part of the serial number, but there is no such prefix for BJ8 rear axle serial numbers.  The 10/41 is the differential ratio (10 pinion teeth to 41 crown wheel teeth.  Usually written as ratio 41/10 = 4.1

Steve Byers
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Can someone decipher these numbers I found on the axle?
[cid:image003.jpg at 01D330A7.21223D00]

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