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Hummm – good to know.


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Rocker Arm Specialists Changed Hands a couple of years ago and appears not to be doing the same work. Online at least one person had sent rockers to them just before the ownership change and lost all of his parts. Be very careful. 



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Rocker Arm Specialists rebuilt mine about 30yrs/150K miles ago.  At recent overhaul, my engine rebuilder disassembled, cleaned and inspected it and said it was good to go (and he's a perfectionist).  It appears there's been some drama--including a sale of the company to employees and a new name--and they're sometimes hard to get ahold of, but I think it's worth a shot:




On 9/15/2017 8:27 PM, Al Fuller wrote:

I have a single rocker spurting oil several inches in the air on my BJ-8.  It’s been many years since I replaced a rocker or the whole rocker shaft.


Can anyone who has recently used a source for either a whole assembly or just parts comment on their experience?


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