[Healeys] Rear Axle Slave Cyl

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sat Sep 16 18:40:02 MDT 2017

Thanks guys.  I finally got them out.  After thinking about it for a while I took two small screwdrivers that the blades would just fit in the slots where the bottom plate tabs "locked" the top plate in place.  I drove them in the slot over the "hooks" and tapped the top plate off using a screwdriver and a small hammer.  Everything came apart quite easily after that.  Pain in the butt.  Now I can paint the backplate and re-assemble everything.  Painted the axle casing today after getting it back from the machine shop where it was hot tanked.  Had new bearings and seals installed in the hubs.  The pumpkin has been checked out and is serviceable.  I have pre-bent brake lines I bought in 2006 from Doug Finespanner to put on the rear end and the rest of the car.  Just waiting for the paint to dry now.  Hope I put it all together correctly. ;^)Mike MacLean

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