[Healeys] 100-4 Windscreen Stanchion

Steven Kingsbury airtightproductions at icloud.com
Thu Sep 14 15:36:56 MDT 2017

I have a very early BN1 and neither one of my stanchions are stamped with any numbers. Unless they're stamped somewhere I've never looked, but I did go over them pretty closely. Car was built in October 1953.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598

On Sep 13, 2017, at 08:51 PM, "dwflagg at juno.com" <dwflagg at juno.com> wrote:

To those of wisdom and knowledge. In a discussion of the 100-4 windscreen it was stated, "I believe the last numbers stamped in the stanchion , should be the last 2 digits of the 5 digit body number". My memory, albeit fading, recalls that the stanchion pair had different numbers and letter stamped. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

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