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 Re the attached link, https://www.facebook.com/JME-Healeys-153056521538209/  JME Healeys have just posted a picture showing part of their new workshop and on the right is an example of what I think you are meaning.  No details, but they are a friendly bunch so I am sure would give you some info.




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My garage/workshop has a very low ceiling and a floor that, I suspect, covers a multitude of historic sins. So, although I want to put in a lift, I’m pretty well stuck. I may be able to put in a 4 poster with a beam jack, but they’re pretty well all 3 phase.

Has anyone tried one of these? Or something similar? I have located a 240volt version so am past the 3 phase hurdle.

I was expecting to have to lay some wood down on either side for clearance and then just keeping the car, MkII 3000, over the top of it.

Any ideas?



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