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I had a four post lift in my two car garage.  I had intended to stack the Bugeye on top of the BN2.  The problem was the rafters were only 8 feet high.  I was further limited by the roll up garage door.  With the Bugeye on the lift I could not raise it high enough to roll any car, not even the BN2 with the windshield folded back under it.  To make matters worse the lift took up more than half the floor space and I was keeping the body shell of the BN2, the Bugeye and a Harley Davidson in there.  To say things were cramped is a gross understatement.  I finally traded the lift for bodywork services on the BN2.  Even that turned into a disaster as the guy doing the bodywork took off one night before the work was done on my car and took my windshield assembly with him.  I have learned some very costly lessons during the restoration of this car.  As the car is not finished, I am sure there are others out there that are going to teach me another costly lesson.  If I have any kind of a lift in my two car garage now, it would be a small scissor type that I could store out of the way when not in use.  Lesson learned.Mike MacLean

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