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Wrapping cast iron manifolds will cause them to start to flake the metal off. Been there, done that on non coated manifolds. Ken Freese65 BJ8-- Original Message -----From: Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net>
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re: "... I see no need to wrap them"It looks cool!   'Nuff said.bs

On 9/10/2017 8:18 AM, BJ8Healeys wrote:
I had mine Jet-Hot coated in 1999,
 and also didn't see any significant effect on the engine
 temps.  They surely looked a lot better than the old rusty
 manifolds and have held up really well over that time and
 about 80K miles.  Some browning is beginning to show at the
 sharp edges, but I think I have got my money's worth out of
 Jet-Hot and if I ever have a reason to remove the manifolds
 I'll probably get them coated again. I've never wrapped the
 downpipes.   The new radiator core and the sleeved
 thermostat together have solved the engine heat problem,
 so I see no need to wrap them. Steve ByersHBJ8L/36666BJ8 RegistryAHCA Delegate at LargeHavelock, NC    From:
 Healeys [mailto:healeys-bounces at autox.team.net] On
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Subject: Re: [Healeys] BJ8 Temps FWIW, I just had the manifolds on my BJ8 Jet-Hot coated and
 haven't noticed much, if any, difference in running temps or
 other effects (I also wrapped my downpipes).  YMMV.Bob On 9/4/2017 10:05 AM, Al Fuller wrote:Roger: Have
 you considered coating the exhaust manifolds, so as to
 conduct the heat down the exhaust system, as opposed to
 allowing the manifolds to be their usual heat radiating
 selves? I’m
 still thinking a winter project will be getting mine
 coated [Jet-Hot, etc.]. Al
 at bighealey dot org'65

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