[Healeys] Irma

Bob England engl at accesscomm.ca
Sun Sep 10 08:39:24 MDT 2017

One thing I neglected to add in my post of a few minutes ago on SU carbs was
my thoughts on Hurricane Irma.


We just got back from Orlando (early yesterday morning), having to cut our
vacation in Orlando a couple of days short.  I had to admire the spirit of
the locals who assisted in getting us booked out of the hotel, renting a car
so we could fly out of Tampa (as nothing was available to get out of
Orlando).  Everyone seemed more concerned to help us leave the area safely
(except our airline) than for their own safety.  I can't express my
appreciation in words.


To all on the list that may be affected, stay safe.  We might loose a few
Healeys in the storm, but don't want to loose any of our friends from this


Bob England   



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