[Healeys] Panhard Rod - BT7

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Leaf springs do a pretty good job of locating the axle side to side, for example my TR3 doesn't have a panhard rod.  My Elva Courier with a coil over set up drives itself (kind of wanders down the road) when that rod mount breaks and the driver immediately notices it and will stop to get it repaired.  On your Healey you might notice your rear tires scrubbing the insides of your fender wells until you get it repaired.

Henry Morrison, Albuquerque, NM

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The panhard rod bracket on the axle snapped off - but it doesn’t seem to have affected the car’s handling.

What is the list’s advice regarding the usefulness of the rod.

It requires removing the rear axle to repair - a chore I would like to avoid.

Larry Swift
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